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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  September 18, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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economy. >> and probably best not to upset financial markets. who knows anymore. thank you so much for this hour. so much to cover and really appreciate it. let's hand it over now to "fast money" and melissa lee. and melissa, take your pick. >> we got a lot of news. so we're covering all angles and one angle is yahoo. why yahoo could be a takeout target. the take -- the acquirer, the potential acquirer will surprise you, guaranteed. >> stay tuned, over to you guys. >> thanks, kelly. "fast money" starts right now live from new york city's time square, i'm melissa lee. our traders tonight are pete najarian, dan nathan, john najarian and guy adami. three key market events unfolding. scotland closing its polls right now. will it become an independent country? the latest as the numbers trickle in. oracle, meantime, getting hit after announcing larry ellison is stepping down as ceo. revenue coming in late in the first quarter. the call getting underway right now. we've got all the latest headlines, and any minute now, we will get the pricing on ali
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baba ahead of the first day of trade tomorrow. first, to the breaking news on larry ellison and oracle. live at headquarters with the latest on this. >> yeah. larry ellison still at the top of oracle despite stepping down as ceo. he's executive chairman. that's a title he didn't have before. there was a chairman jeff henly who now steps into a different role underneath him, two ceos. not calling him co-ceos. what's interesting about this, is had been out saying she did not want to be ceo, but here she is taking the title alongside mark hurd. technically, mark hurd is reporting and in charge of a larger organization in terms of people, but you cannot discount the importance of safra cats in charge of manufacturing, hardware an important part of orac oracle's way forward. m&a always an important part of oracle and continues to be. she and mark hurd will be
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working together. larry ellison in charge of the board and continues to own a lot of oracle stock, melissa, near 20%. >> john, do you have any sense of how mark hurd and safra catz get along? >> no, i don't have that sense. but they are both very plain spoken. they do not always agree. my sense is that at this point, it's probably very valuable to continue to have larry ellison there day-to-day. he will be the r & d organization, will continue to report up to him. he will have the title as chief technical officer as well as executive chairman. he'll continue to referee any disagreements. >> thank you so much, jon fortt, for that. let's take a look at the after hours session. we are seeing a decline in the oracle shares. it could be the fact it missed on the eps.
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>> new software licenses were disappointing, operating margins were disappointing. it's held 40 a couple of times. to me it's not expensive, you wonder, though if some of the things it came out with is an anticipation of things we came out with now. not a kitchen sink but a quasi kitchen sink. my inclination, you buy this stock. i'm not convinced it's going to trade down through $40. >> with the dynamic of two ceos coming in the potential for a kitchen sink. this sets a stage for new leadership come in really low. >> you know, what's very interesting, there's a couple of corporate events coming up. there's a user conference september 28th, and an analyst meeting for october 22nd. and, listen, this is the same old management. the management change is a mild positive at best. who needs the seventh largest
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richest guy in the world running the company and they're almost like in this perpetual sort of restructuring mode. i'd look out to the two events. let's see what the users have to say about the company and see what analysts have to say. the stock sells off, you buy it into those events. >> and just within the last hour with kelly over on "closing bell," and he was talking about how this had to be something bad, that this was a shocker. these are the people who have been running this company. and larry has been sailing his boat and listening to input from these people, but let's be serious. i mean, everybody knows larry ellison hasn't been 24/7 running this company. >> right. >> so was -- was this a shocker? we were surprised because this wasn't telegraphed. but these are the hand picked people. another thing, a lot of folks, just eating oracle's lunch. no, they're not. look at where they've been since february highs when salesforce, crm, was up 20% on the year. now it's up 2% on the year.
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meanwhile, oracle even after an afterhours selloff is still up, what, 7% on the year. so i don't think anybody's eating oracle's lunch. and the expansion into the cloud came late, but now with hurd at the helm along with safra catz, i like this stock going forward. >> you don't bring him in thinking one day he's going to be ceo. this is not a complete surprise. >> i think that was the original intention when he was hired years ago. and what did he do when he was at hewlett-packard? he managed to take this company, they felt like had not set them up just properly. well, you look at mark hurd -- he made a lot of tough decision, made some cuts. and you look at oracle over the last ten years, they spent $50 billion, they've done six this year already. and when you really look at this, this is a company that's perfect for mark hurd to be in charge of going forward.
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>> let's get more on oracle. got an outperform rating in a $46 price target on the stock. he joins us on the "fast" line. great to have you with us. >> great to be here. >> i know it's impossible to exactly quantify, but how much of this is just a terrible quarter? >> yeah. part of it has been a painful transition to the cloud, you know, with misexecution, here's another soft quarter, missing top and bottom line. ellison leaving, even though there's been chatter over the last year, it's the suddenness of him leaving as well as mark hurd who has ran the sales force which is really a massive misexecution. now him and the ceo role, that's not what investors really wanted to see. and that speaks to what you're seeing in the afterhours. >> so when you think mark hurd is the wrong guy for the job. >> look, mark hurd, you know, again, is he a true software sales guy. since he took over, it's been, you know, a lot of inconsistencies, a lot of
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restructuring on the south side, and the magic for oracle wasn't sales force. and since hurd took it over combined with being late to the cloud, at the end of the day, he could talk the talk, but the walk the walk is the issue, and they disappointed, and i think that's the issue for investors. no doubt, been a key part of oracle for many years. but it just feels a bit at this point like, you know, manager of baseball team, leaving the team in the seventh inning when they're losing and that's been the frustration here. and they need to get more comfort in terms of the transition going forward. >> dan, the two things that stuck tout to me were new software licenses. what sticks out to you in terms of the quarter? >> yeah, look, in terms of the quarter. the cloud business continues to be a minor pillar of strength. but that's small. and the end of the day, this is a quarter that, you know, unless you're related to a member of oracle's managing team, it's hard to like. it's not a lot of positive things here, and i think it just speaks to -- with ellison
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leaving, is the stock going to, you know, massively change from this range? i don't think so. but, you know, for this to go meaningfully higher, at the end of the day, you need to see fuel back in the growth engine. at this point, seems like challenges ahead. you need m&a, you need to do acquisitions, starting yester y yesterday, especially some bigger ones. i think that could start to, you know, restore confidence back to the story. >> all right. the conference call is eight minutes. and when the question and answer period opens up, dan, what's a burning question you've got on your mind at this point? >> the burning question is why now? i mean, unless ellison's at this point trying to buy the island of maui, i think it's the timing in terms of why he's leaving right now instead of just call it a transition where you name it a year out. a big question is why now and what gives investors confidence that you're going to start to
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see the top line reaccelerate. and a company that's going to hit their guidance given the disappointment over the last six to eight quarters. >> dan, appreciate it. >>. >> thank yous. >> it's a $5 billion deal, and it wasn't growing tremendously fast. it was an odd fit. and if you think about it, it's in the clouds. what kind of acquisition could they make? these guys just don't have enough revenues to kind of turn, you know, to really move the needle. >> for oracle. >> yeah. and they're really expensive. that's the other thing. so i don't know what they do here on the acquisition front. and to date, i think this year it hasn't been a great year. >> i mean, total cloud revenue, it's a growing business, yes, high-margin business, yes. but it is 1/6 of total traditional software revenue, still. it's still a drop in the bucket for oracle. >> it is, and it's a great focus and somewhere they should get bigger. they've got to get bigger and they've got to do what microsoft has done, which, he took over that, he absolutely transformed
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it and now he's the ceo and transforming it even more. there's an opportunity there for the company to move to the upside. by the way, since the announcement he was going to be stepping down or at least stepping to the side, and that stock got all the way down and was trading 40.25, now trading closer to 40.75. now people aren't as disappointed as everybody's presenting. news alert here on jetblue. phil lebeau has the details on that. phil lebeau. >> thank you, melissa, as the announcement came out, what for about seven years now has announced he will be stepping down effective february 15th. he'll be replaced by robin hayes who is the president of jetblue. he'll be moving into the ceo position on february 16th. i just got off the phone with dave barger as well as with joel peterson, the chairman of jetblue. couple of questions i had a chance to ask both gentlemen. first of all for dave, why now? he said, look, my contract was up, we've had discussions in the past, extended my contract in
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the past, it seemed like the right time for me to move on to new endeavors and bring the new ceo in. as for robin hayes, i asked joel peterson, why robin? you have seen him over the last couple of years, had a chance to see with the implementation of the mint, the transcontinental product. how they have improved their operations. and he says he brings in the package that they're looking for in terms of leadership for this company. what's interesting, you see that stock there, guys, and how it's bumped up, what a 4%, 5% after the news came out. there's been some speculation in the airline industry that robin hayes is going to be much more aggressive in terms of seeking to grow revenue for jetblue, particularly when it comes to ancillary products. remember, they do not charge for that first bag. and there's people saying, look they're going to become more aggressive. we're going to continue to move things as jetblue has been
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moving in the past and expect a continuation. guys, back to you. >> it's interesting, bank of america earlier this week downgraded the stock saying that the retirement or expected retirement of barger was already anticipating the stock, and the stock had already already moved 47% from the time those rumors started coming out. it's moved higher, it's moving higher in the afterhours session. >> from may to currently. here's a stock that went from basically $8 to $13 and it's pulled back. dave barger is one of the first guests we had on the show. i think he's done a great job. i don't think the stock's reflected what he's done. it actually disappoints me that the stock is higher on this announcement. i get it. i still think you buy jetblue here. >> we've got three options. any unusual activity in jetblue
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ahead of this? >> we arm wrestle -- >> and you lost, clearly. >> i won, that's why i'm speaking at the moment. but earlier in the week on the show, we noted that the options volume when the stock got downgraded, it was down, i think it was 11 1/2 or so. it was a buyer looking out to december, up at the 14 level buying those calls. some look to close. but some were opening. so somebody was looking out and saying i want to spend some cheap premium for an upside bet out a few months. >> you don't like jetblue, you like american. >> united, delta, i think all three can outperform throughout the rest of the year. >> for the record, i don't think this will be -- but anyway, go ahead. >> jetblue makes a lot of sense. and it didn't make sense they got hit as hard as they did with the weather concerns over the last year with all the issues there, the closings. you can understand why it got hit, but it got overhit. that's why it's made this huge run and outperformed some of the others in the last few months. >> still ahead, the polls are officially closed in scotland. how might the scottish secession
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vote impact? and of course, we are awaiting the pricing of ali baba any moment. the headlines as they come in and what you need to know ahead of tomorrow's debut later on in the show. when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way. it's in this spirit that ing u.s. is becoming a new kind of company. one that helps you think differently about what's ahead, and what's possible when you get things organized. ing u.s. is now voya. changing the way you think of retirement.
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as we await the pricing, investors are debating the best way to play this ipo. let's bring in eric jackson who says if you're thinking about selling your shares of yahoo, don't even think about it. eric, good to have you with us. already today, though, we've seen yahoo shares decline. is the bloom coming off the rose here? are you concerned at all? >> well, it's been volatile for sure in the last week and a half. the volume has been really abnormally high in yahoo leading into the ipo. so, you know, i think a lot of people maybe are trading out of it. you can look at that volume another way. i think there are some big institutions taking positions in the stock. we really won't know that for a few months from now. but i think basically if you're long yahoo here, basically, i think what you're making a bet on is that, you know, everything is sort of priced into the stake of yahoo japan and ali baba. the potential for tax
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efficiencies on what's going to remain the ali baba stake after the ipo tomorrow. yahoo's still going to own 16.3% of ali baba. after tomorrow, yahoo's going to have no more exposure to ali baba. 2/3 of what remains is still going to be weighted on where it goes from here. and if there are tax efficiencies to be had, that's a big number. potentially, you're talking about $13 per share in yahoo. i think it's very likely they're going to be able to save a lot of taxes. that's why i'm in the stock. and that has more upside than even alibaba shares over the next year. >> is there a possibility that something else happens with yahoo? there's a reason to be in the stock beyond just the alibaba stake? it could actually be some sort of a target? there's value in yahoo? >> well, everybody, yeah, everyone knows that yahoo has the core business which is sort of the runt of all of the assets that it possesses.
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and i think marisa mayer has done a terrible job with it. but then they have the key asset in japan, and of course, alibaba, which soft bank has a still, 34% stake in. so i think, you know -- >> i'm sorry, i've got to interrupt. we do have pricing according to dow jones. $68 a share for the alibaba ipo. $68 a share. again, this is according to dow jones. as soon as we have more details, we will bring them to you. eric, just quickly. 68 sort of kind of expected, huh? >> it's a top end of the range. i think alibaba wants to make sure this thing -- because it's such a large offering, doesn't flop, they want the price to go up. i think that's why they went with this price. >> hold on right there, eric. i want to sort of bring in the guys on the desk here in reaction to that. we're going to confirm it ourselves. in terms of $68 a share, dan. >> that's your support right now, people. wherever it opens tomorrow, during the day and how far it goes up, $68 is going to be the
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level where the underwriters are going to be sitting at and buying stock from the people flipping it. to me, i think you have to be careful. a lot of people want to get on this deal, they didn't get in on the ipo, they're going to try to buy on the opening tomorrow. do not use market orders, you'll potentially get mutilated here. so you want to use a limit order. but to me, 68's the level. >> it's the level, what we expected, and when you're talking about the pricing, does it trade 68? i don't think it trades 68 tomorrow, i think it probably opens somewhere in the mid-70s. >> all right, eric jackson, are you putting in for an allocation? are you getting an allocation? >> no. i'm not. and i think the bigger upside is potentially through yahoo shares itself. because just to kind of go back to the question you're asking about before. >> sure. >> if either alibaba or soft bank buys yahoo, big tax savings to be had. and i think soft bank is going to be a buyer of this business in the next six months. >> soft bank would be a buyer of yahoo.
5:21 pm
does that make it more interesting to you given the stake they have, the exposure, and the juiced up exposure if they did buy yahoo. >> yeah. i think soft bank itself is undervalued. but i think the biggest upside of all three names here is still yahoo. i don't think that is priced into the shares currently. >> eric, i don't disagree with you, but when you say yahoo, do you mean all of yahoo? including yahoo japan, the whole thing or pieces of yahoo? >> i think they want the whole thing. i think he can't go after t-mobile anymore for sprint. he hired for google sales. and part of the job title is head of u.s. internet operations. he's going to have to build that from scratch. i think yahoo is sort of a very interesting, potential platform to -- for soft bank to build other internet businesses upon. they get the stake tax-free. they potentially get back the alibaba stake, taking them up to
5:22 pm
50% owners of alibaba in a tax-efficient way, as well. >> thank you for joining us, appreciate it. aaron jackson. again, the news here that just broke dow jones is reporting they have priced at $68 a share, the top end of the range. guy adami? >> we were talking about yahoo, not we were telling you, literally when the stock was $17, $18, and we were steadfast for a long time when people were saying there's no value at all. and when the stock went down from $42 to $35. i'm in the tack profits camp at these levels. not to say that everything that pete thinks might happen and eric thinks might happen can't, but i think it's going to vacillate now. and i think you could see it trending down below 40 and get back in. but if you've enjoyed the ride, i don't think taking money off the table is a terrible idea here. >> there's a lot of folks, mel, some of the parts argument. when you look at what it's got with yahoo japan and alibaba as
5:23 pm
part of this, basically, it's a negative number as far as what yahoo's base is worth outside of those pieces. that's not new news. this has been priced this way for quite a while. and they've never properly valued what's in this. but that doesn't mean they're going to change tomorrow when the shares come public. so to guy's point, could people get out because a lot of people will be stuck in options that expire and so forth? that's a real possibility, i think, dan, tomorrow. >> well, you know what's interesting, options volume exploded today. almost a million contracts traded. there was one trade that caught my eye. they bought the 46.50, that's your target. 50 there, hot shot. i know. but what they were doing. and they didn't pay anything for it. they bought 15,000 of the 46s and sold 30,000 of the 50s. and they think they can make up to $40 paying no premium. >> right. and that's exactly the kind of trade i like. and i'll tell you what, to guy's point. i actually was in the stock for
5:24 pm
a long period of time. finally, i got out of the stock and i've been rolling options ever since. this is exactly the kinds of trades i've been doing. doing call spreads. some of them one by twos, no longer one by twos. one against another option but expecting to see the stock get to 50. >> still ahead, so much news this hour. the oracle call is underway. ellison out, hurd and catz in. they are not going to hire a new cfo to replace catz, more on how to trade this stock next.
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not that great at yoga. yeah, but when i slipped a disk he paid my claim in just four days. ahh! four days? yep. find out how fast aflac can pay you, at welcome back to "fast money." news off the oracle call. the financial guidance is in. wall street not impressed.
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oracle guiding to total revenues up 2% to 6%, constant currency and guiding to an eps of, let's see, non-gaap 53 to 57 cents, 51 to 55 cents u.s. wall street had been hoping for 62 cents overall. now, there's some currency issues mixed in along with that. along with the shift to the cloud. and right now, safra catz, the ceo along with mark hurd finishing up remarks and mark hurd giving more info. >> the guidance coming in below what wall street was expecting. so a little bit upsetting the table here happening as we speak. the first day on the job for these two. >> we talked about, though, talked about potential -- this is that type of thing. you actually brought up a great point. i don't know if i should say it because you brought it up, but you said there's a potential w now, i'm giving you props. i don't know how it works.
5:29 pm
>> in a backhanded kind of way. >> there's a potential, potentially for oracle to unlock stuff by breaking themselves up. i think there's a lot of good reasons to own the stock. i think the risk/reward. where does it trade? i think it's interesting. >> we haven't even mentioned they announced $13 billion in additional buybacks. i would make one point about this. you know, that's okay. this company needs to actually make acquisitions for revenue growth, so what they're doing there, that's how they get to this double digit earnings growth. they keep buying back stock hand over fist. but they need to make some smart acquisitions. that's my view. >> we were just talking about it sort of just, based on nothing, we should say that right out. but two ceos, you've got two different -- you've got businesses that are hardware business, a hardware guy, you've got a cloud business and maybe software, i don't know, there could be some potential there. >> it could make some sense. and why do we have two? suddenly have two. you make a good point. and the whole thing could set up to be something exactly like what guy -- >> i've got to shoot that down. >> okay. >> this is a company that actually gets cost savings. >> by merging.
5:30 pm
>> that's why they bought sun micro systems. >> we should have a graphic for when you shoot something done. >> we would have to fire it all the time. >> bang, bang, bang. >> coming up next, alibaba to open for the first day of trade tomorrow, but what about how the other big chinese internets have performed since they went public. we got a look back after the break. location. location.
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so we have some breaking news here. welcome back to "fast money." as if we needed more breaking news, we have a big deal here. s.a.p., a huge business software leader is going to acquire concur technologies for a total value of about $8.3 billion. that's $129 per share. so, again, s.a.p. looking to buy concur technologies, which makes business expense and travel related software, going to buy them for $8.3 billion. the total purchase price, $129 per share. again, ceo s.a.p., bill mcdermott saying the acquisition is consistent with our relentless focus on the business network. so as if we needed more news, melissa, cnqr shares and s.a.b. shares on this particular deal. back over to you.
5:34 pm
>> in the same sector and direct competitors when it comes to cloud and also high-margin engineered systems. and s.a.p. is a competitor in that space, as well. >> we were just talking about that. listen, this is the sort of thing, like that micros acquisition, just a different vertical. but again, this company's only expected to have $750 million in sales. it's an expensive deal. they're paying close to ten times sales for this. so, you know, i'm not sure if you're an oracle shareholder you want to see more deals like this. >> now to scotland. all eyes are fixated on whether the country votes yes for independence from the uk. the details on what this historic vote means for currencies. now, we've already -- >> the currency market has already voted and it's a no vote. but the problem is, there are questions about how accurate the polls were. this was a high turnout. by some accounts, almost 90%. 90% voter turnout. and the question is, what are the younger people going to do if there is a yes vote which is
5:35 pm
not priced in in the currency market. it's a binary outcome, right? yes means the british pound goes down against the euro and the dollar. the british pound hit a two-year high against the euro. there are a lot of people betting this is going to be a no vote, but it is still going to be a cliff hanger. no exit polls, we're going to have to wait until 9:00 p.m. to get the results trickling out. >> i think something like 170,000 to 180,000 are still undecided. the potential for this to swing, if it swings the other way, i mean, imagine the volatility in the markets. >> you know, the currency of the volatility and you know this, because you watch -- it's been unbelievable. almost unprecedented. if it happened in the equity markets as bk mentioned yesterday, we'd have nighttime shows about it, specials. >> 10% move for a 1% move. >> so i ask you this, does that volatility in the currency market make its way to the equities market? in your opinion at some point down the line?
5:36 pm
>> well, the currency market recently has been reacting, not just to the scottish vote but to the fact that interest rate differentials are starting to move here with the federal reserve increasingly looking like it's going to be first out of the gate, or at least more aggressive and say europe, japan and now england depending on what happens with this vote. and that's going to be the ultimate trade here. the results of the scottish election. whatever happens, whether they decide to secede or not. the focus is then going to be what does the bank of new england do next. and if it is a no vote and the markets are pricing and the question is, are they ready to look at higher interest rates? they were assumed -- >> sorry. we've got breaking news. kayla tausche with the latest on alibaba. >> yeah, melissa. you saw on your screen, officially pricing at $68 a share. that was the high-end of the range that had been revised upward earlier this week. we reported earlier on cnbc that had been the recommended price, the price that was circled by underwriters in the company alike for much of this process.
5:37 pm
it represents about $21.8 billion in proceeds for the company and it will value the company close to $170 billion when it does hit the public markets. though, of course, it could still -- sorry about that, my phone's still ringing from some of my sources as this meeting is just getting underway. that's why we are bringing you the news. we wanted to have a little bit more color on the meeting that took place at citigroup between the underwriters at alibaba and the company. it was about 30 to 45 minutes. and it was hallmarked by a couple speeches. jackie rhesus, the chief development officer at yahoo. these are the two corner stone shareholders in alibaba. they were the early investors. they have multiplied exponentially their investment. and of course, even though yahoo is selling out part of its stake, the speeches, i'm told, we're talking about the company's commitment to long-term shareholder value and that this is just the beginning of a longer journey for the
5:38 pm
company. so $68 a share officially, i'm told, allocations are going to take about three to four more hours. so the bankers are actually going back to their offices now to finish out rounding out that book. of course, allocations are going to be tight. they want to create a lot of demand for this stock when it goes public tomorrow morning. but that's the latest, melissa. >> thanks so much, kayla tausche. our thanks to you for coming by again. you've got a lot of breaking news here. but, again, officially confirm that ali baba's pricing of $68 a share. that puts the total valuation right now at $168 billion. the amount raised by this offering, about $21 billion plus. now that we have the pricing, how does alibaba stack up to other ipos. >> we're not going to know until it starts trading tomorrow. but we know there's demand and it's pricing at the high end of the range. kayla's confirmed it, that 68 number. let's look at other high profile chinese ipos over the past
5:39 pm
couple of years. check out renren, like the facebook of china. there's a cloud security company. lejiu operates websites in china, also vipshop, baidu. a mixed bag across the board with regard to how their performance does on the first day of trading. baidu, up over 350% in its first day of trading. but then, check out what's happened since then. because that's the real tale, right. renren's shares on may 4th, 2011 is actually down about 75% since then. nq mobile, that's a controversial stock. some people may not have positive things to say about it as others. lost about half its value. leju a more recent one, up 38%. but vipshop and baidu. both of those real standouts. that's perhaps what some investors in alibaba are hoping to see that maybe 2, 3, 4, 7 years down the line, 8 years, 9
5:40 pm
years, up 1,000% during that time. this is what many investors in alibaba want to see happen. they're hoping they can -- that same kind of growth rate. and that's the reason why at least with chinese ipos, they come with their own host of issues and concerns, but ultimately investors want to see this stock go higher just like it did with baidu back nine years ago. back over to you, melissa. >> thanks. that is always the hope, of course, and baidu would be the obvious comparison, except for the fact it's not exactly comparable in terms of businesses. and it would be along the lines of vipshop. where do we stand in terms of trading chinese ipos? you've traded some of these names. >> i've traded some of them but they've all been flips. this one as i told you, mel, this one will be -- will flip out a half. but the other half, we intend to hold for quite a while. because i know pete said the
5:41 pm
other night, thing on long-term hold for him his wife. this one will be a longer term hold for us and for our clients than almost any of these stocks. i think they're only bringing out a tip of the iceberg on this one. >> but something interesting, that investors are hoping for that, you know, that 200, 300, but listen, guys, this is $175 billion market cap company. if everyone thinks it's going to 100, that's 50% higher than here. so just do the math there. and then all of a sudden you have almost double the market cap of amazon. i don't think it's going to happen. i think the margin for error is difficult. you see a stock, 80%, 90%. i don't think you see this company be one of the largest in the world. >> if we had that shootdown graphic, we'd fire it right about now. >> he comes out with everything -- >> exactly. take a look at the metrics. the metrics are staggering in terms of ebitda margins. 56% plus in the latest quarter versus a j.d. or any of the others. >> it's incredible just how
5:42 pm
impressive, how much growth they've gotten. unbelievable job they've done. they get some backing from the country, as well. so they have themselves in a very nice, solid position. and it's really about china still, mel. i don't think their goal is to eventually become a u.s. centric type company. this is a company that's going to be in china, continue to grow in china and that's where the huge growth exists. i do think it's $100 stock not right out of the gate, but i also think over time we sit at $100 very quickly. and with the options starting in a week, that's extremely fast. they are bringing these out quickly. that's going to add to some of this, as well, some of the excitement over the stock. >> september 29th, mark your calendars. time now for pops and drops. big movers of the day. big drop for rite aid down 19% after cutting the full-year outlook. >> when you look at the initial numbers they crushed on the initial numbers, but it's always about guidance. continues to be about guidance. the margins from the pharmaceutical side are killing
5:43 pm
them, that's 70% of the sales, that's why the stock was down as hard as it was. >> pop for sandisk, up 3%. could benefit from apple's new iphones. john? >> well, the chips have been red hot, sandisk obviously storage and flash memory in a lot of apple products. morgan stanley very bullish on that, mel. i am, too. this one doubled up normal volume today. you look at mbrella along with skyworks and other pieces that might be part of the apple puzzle. you see how bullish this is. >> we got a pop for air products and chemicals up 2%. guy? >> usually companies re-org at 52-week lows. this did it at an all-time high. a well-run company, probably going to be better run now. i think in that space, you can own apd, you can also own px. >> pop for coals up 2%. a buy rating, dan nathan. >> yeah, this could be the turn around story. the stock has been consolidating really between 40 and 60 for the
5:44 pm
last three years. it broke out above 60. if there is some fundamental improvement, they're supposed to grow earnings 10% next year, this is a cheap stock you could get the benefit of people not being in on it for a long time, a breakout, you know, catching in at 60, playing in at 70 over the next six months. still ahead, the robots are coming. intel is launching a second new robot. we've got both of the robots with us here onset. tell us about its plans for a robot takeover. what will it mean for the company's bottom line. what will it mean? good news -- fedex has flat rate shipping. it's called fedex one rate. and it's affordable. sounds great. [ cell phone typing ] [ typing continues ] [ whoosh ] [ cell phones buzz, chirp ] and we have to work the weekend. great. more good news -- it's friday! woo!
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e*trade gives you the tools and resources to get it right. are you type e*? back, jon fortt here with "fast money," with news from the oracle earnings call. don't say good-bye to larry ellison just yet. he said on the earnings call, oh, by the way, he's going to still be on the earnings calls as executive chairman and safra catz now the ceo said not only won't there be significant organizational changes as a result of their title shifts, there will be no changes at all. so the more you dig into this, you know, the more things change, the more they stay the same apparently, melissa.
5:48 pm
>> that sounds like lunacy, jon fortt. thank you very much. >> yeah. complex at this point in time. >> there's two ceos and still on the earnings call, sounds like a lot of cooks in the kitchen. >> well, he is the chairman. >> all right. intel calls it a smartphone on legs. the world's largest chip maker getting closer to putting a robot in almost every home. behind jimmy the robot. of course, we saw jimmy and brian about a year ago, i think, because you're also here for the -- >> yeah. almost a year to the day. >> exactly. and so last time you were here, you brought the larger of these two robots. >> actually, last time i brought his exoskeleton. now we've got two walking, talking robots. >> what do these robots do? >> well, they do whatever you want them to do, i think. so as you said, that's a smartphone with legs. you design it using apps. so just like everybody's smartphone is personalized, you personalize your robot by downloading different apps. >> i'm sure it depends on who
5:49 pm
owns the robot. a kid would want it to, i don't know, tell jokes or something like that. what are some of the purposes? enlighten us. >> especially with the larger robot, people have said, well, you could use it for elder care. you could use it as a medication reminder. that's one of the things. one of the things that's really, really hard with older folks is getting them to take their medication on time. so what you could do is make an app so that jimmy at 7:00 a.m. and 7:00 p.m. reminds grandma to take her heart medication. >> bring grandma the heart medication? >> yeah. he can. you can 3d print a little pocket on him and make a backpack. >> what's for sale, at what point is this sort of actually going to be in people's homes? >> so there's two parts of that. it was here last year. in the springtime, we launched this. working with a company. we launched this robot. and this robot costs $16,000. >> $16,000 and that's big jimmy.
5:50 pm
>> this is big jimmy. >> and it's really fast. now the thing i'm here to announce today is actually on saturday at 10:00 a.m. new york time, you'll be able to buy this guy. and he runs on an intel edison. he's $1,600. >> so a fraction. >> a 10x cost reduction. >> but in terms of the capabilities of the little jimmy? >> they run the same software. they both run apps and same software, he's a little bit smaller. >> what is the goal here? obviously, it's running on an intel chip. >> he doesn't live by himself. you control jimmy using a laptop or a smartphone or a tablet. and he's got wi-fi and bluetooth to go up to the cloud. think of him as another device that lives in your home that lives in your office just like two in one or a laptop or tab t tablet. this is just another internet of
5:51 pm
thing. >> what is the battery life for little jimmy here? >> so we're still, he's really new. very, very new. right now it's about between half an hour to an hour. >> grandma better recharge him at night. >> jimmy will have to remind her. thank you so much for coming by. thank you to big jimmy and little jimmy also for visiting us. >> yeah. cool stuff. >> we hope to see you again, hopefully before next year. we'll be excited to see the developments in the jimmys. would you buy a jimmy? >> maybe. if the kids -- >> what about intel? >> listen, i think intel is an exact example of a stock that's benefitted from being defensive. they have the great balance sheet and dividend yield but trading at 14-year highs here. i would not buy intel. it's a great company doing a lot of great things. >> i completely disagree. i think it goes higher. between what you're working on -- this is new for all of us, obviously, but mike bell, as well, as far as the wearables. i think intel continues to innovate. mike coming from apple and
5:52 pm
everything i see coming from you guys, better and better, bigger in mobile where you'd been late to the party. but because of all of those reasons and the mcafee with the security. >> remember the charging bowl? >> i'm going to tweet this. a great tweet. >> yes. >> i want jimmy to be melissa lee's chauffeur so the streets of new york city can be safe again. that's genius. >> that's not nice. that's what it is. >> it's not nice, but you know -- >> quickly intel stock. >> i'm sort of in the pete camp. you're not going to get hurt at intel. it has had a great run, maybe growth is an issue, but i think the stock is fine right here. >> one energy stock hitting a 19-year low after a downgrade and traders are betting it's got further to fall. we break down that trade next. it's the barbarian queen. wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait...whoa, does she have special powers when she has the shroud? no. guys? it's the woven one the woven one. oh, oh that gives her invincibility. guys? no, no, no... the scarlet king is lord victor's son!!
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peabody energy hit multi-year lows after goldman sachs downgraded. some traders think, though, it's going to get worse. dan's breaking the trade down. >> yeah, the options volume traded six times average daily voluntame as the stock made ten-year lows. the most active strike was the january 13 puts. 9,000 traded and a block of
5:56 pm
5,000 bought. here's the important thing, if you're thinking about the puts and think it's a real bearish trade. the trader also bought 200,000 shares of stock that is essentially a call i don't think you want to buy stocks like this at ten-year lows, but if you think you have a fundamental directional call to define your risk and looking here, i would look out three to six months and buy a call near the money and define my risk and be done with it. >> all right, thanks for that, dan. your first look at tomorrow when we come right back. [bell rings] ♪ time and sales data. split-second stats. ♪ its so close to the options floor, you'll bust your brain-box.
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kept the supermarket shelves stocked. made sure everyone got their latest gadgets. what's up for the next shift? ah, nothing much. just keeping the lights on. (laugh) nice. doing the big things that move an economy. see you tomorrow, mac. see you tomorrow, sam. just another day at norfolk southern.
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time for the final trade. time to go around the horn. pete najarian? >> monster buying today in ford. ford's going higher. >> oracle, i'm going to take a shot, down near 40, but i'm going to keep a tight stop on it. >> you had me with horns, mel, hertz. hertz. >> i'm headed over to host the invest in others dinner. the wall street community gets a bum wrap. tonight, we're going to celebrate a lot of folks that do great things in their community. come over if you're in town. >> no?
6:00 pm
>> chip or sip? >> it's a drinking game tonight, right? whenever you curse when you're emcee. >> i don't curse. i don't -- eight years. >> not what i heard. i'm melissa lee, see you back here tomorrow at 5:00 for more . my mission is simple, to make you money. i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there is always a bull market somewhere and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now! hey, i'm cramer him welcome to "mad money" him welcome to cramerica. other people want to make friends, i want to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain you and teach you. call me or tweet me @jim cramer. in four decades of investing, rare


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